State Representative Jackie Walorski Site Visit


Pictured from left to right. Collin Brecher, Rep. Jackie Walorski, and Rob Davidson 

On October 26th 2020, Representative Jackie Walorski of Indiana’s 2nd Congressional district participated in a site visit hosted at the Kingsbury headquarters of Alexander Chemical Corporation.

Joining Rep. Walorski at the facility were Rob Davidson, president of Alexander Chemical and Collin Brecher, Political Mobilization Manager at the American Chemistry Council (ACC), an industry trade association.

Company History

Alexander Chemical Corporation, a Carus Group Inc. company, is a leader in the water purification chemical industry. With a focus on customer service, their goal is to supply products and services that business partners need to better their businesses and operations.

In 1950, Alexander Maley founded the Alexander Chemical Corporation, bringing to the industry his unflagging commitment to expert service and quality products. Today, as a leader in the water purification chemical industry, the company supplies chlor-alkali products and industrial gases to major chemical companies, public utilities, industrial users and municipalities throughout the Midwest region.

Alexander Chemical also offers DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing, certification and cylinder maintenance services.

The organization serves a wide variety of industries including, water & waste water, alternative fuels, agriculture, power, petroleum refining, food & beverage, terminals, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas production, metals & minerals, paper, pulp & wood, oil & gas pipeline and pharmaceutical & biotech.

Circle Transport Logistics

Alexander Chemical also has a dedicated truck fleet which allows them to offer reliable delivery of their products to customers. Company trucks have specialized equipment to ensure that customers’ deliveries arrive safely including two new mini-bulk trucks.

Presentation Highlights

After conducting a tour of Alexander Chemical’s large Kingsbury, Indiana facility with Rep. Walorski, president Rob Davidson gave a presentation about the chemical industry’s positive impact on the Indiana economy, employment opportunities and how it helps keep the state’s infrastructure strong.

Some of the notable highlights of the presentation included the following statistics:

  • 85 distribution centers located throughout the state have an economic impact of over $371M dollars.
  • Chemical distributors provide 1,700 high quality jobs and nearly 3,000 additional related positions in Indiana.
  • The industry pays $126.8M dollars in wages each year in the Hoosier state, which equates to an average salary of over $74,000 dollars per year for workers.
  • This level of personal income is 142% higher than Indiana’s median wage.
  • The state’s chemical distributors generate $55.8M dollars of state and local tax revenue (for schools, roads, etc.) and pay over $65M dollars in federal taxes.
  • Nationally, the industry provides 230K direct and related jobs, pays over $15 billion dollars in wages and has an economic impact of $44.8 billion dollars.
  • Chemical products are used in nearly every business sector in the U.S. economy.

In addition, Mr. Davidson noted that the chemical distribution industry supports legislative issues concerning:

  • Compliance with the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards Program.
  • Our nation’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Rail reform.

Alexander Chemical also meets or exceeds all of the strict standards set by local, state and federal agencies for health, safety and environmental protection. In addition to ensuring the quality of their products, the company also upholds its commitment to the environmental and safety standards put forth by the Chlorine Institute and the National Association of Chemical Distributors.

All Alexander Chemical products used in potable water treatment systems are certified to meet NSF/ANSI standards. In addition, the company offers customer training opportunities conducted by Alexander Chemical’s highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. The organization presents safety and product handling seminars throughout the year.

A Commitment to the People of Indiana

Rep. Walorski commended Alexander Chemical Corporation for its unwavering commitment to supporting the state economy, providing good paying employment opportunities and contributing immensely to the infrastructure of the State of Indiana.

“We have built our reputation on listening to our customers. Our goal is to provide them with a level of product quality that exceeds their expectations, while also maintaining the highest degree of service standards in our industry.”

– Rob Davidson, President, Alexander Chemical Corporation