Ready to Help Shape the Future of Alexander Chemical

Alexander Chemical is pleased to announce that Christopher Fairchild, MBA has joined the organization as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. An Arkansas native, Chris is a graduate of West Point, and later served as an Army Calvary Officer stationed in Iraq.

After his military service, Chris began his civilian career specializing in the areas of project management, operations, finance, and sales. During his time at Proctor & Gamble, he earned an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

When asked what brought him to Alexander Chemical, Chris quickly says that it was the culture. “The company is a tight-knit community of dedicated people who are focused on serving our customers and keeping employees safe.”

His new role will be to continue to grow the awareness of Alexander Chemical in the industry, as well as with new and existing customers. His team will be made up of Account Managers, Sales Reps, Pricing Specialists and a Proposal Coordinator.

“Everyone here is proud of the products and services that the company has provided since 1950. There is a high level of pride that can clearly be seen in our quality.”

Chris believes that his previous experience will be put to good use in his new role. “Coming from an industrial construction services company, I truly understand customers’ needs when it comes to safety, quality and the timely supply of raw materials.”

Alexander Chemical focuses on their customers’ total delivered cost of products, and will not sacrifice quality or safety for price. Chris notes that “the outcome of being a low cost provider in our industry puts people at risk for quality holds, production delays and most importantly, unsafe conditions for both customers and employees.”

The last couple of years has been a great challenge for many industries, and the chemical business is no exception. “Disruptions of supply based on manufacturers’ instability of production, and the loss of consistent transportation has plagued many chemical companies. However, through all of the global problems of the recent past, Alexander Chemical has differentiated ourselves from the competition by first diversifying our supplier base. We have tested and secured multiple suppliers nationally and internationally to protect our customers from supply disruptions.”

He adds, “Over the course of multiple decades, we have created a robust, reliable, and in-house integrated logistics department. With an average tenure of 16 years with the company, our team of drivers is the safest, and most reliable source of transportation in the industry.”

It’s not just the drivers who have an impressive retention rate with Alexander Chemical, as the overall average tenure just reached 19 years. Reflecting on this, Chris states “We are a proud union employer that provides high-paying jobs and great benefits to people in our local communities’”

With regard to the future of the company, Chris feels that it is very bright. “We are continuing to grow, and will be expanding into new markets in the next few years. We have a great opportunity to show customers the service difference that is embedded in our culture, and hire new team members that can contribute to our success Alexander Chemical aims to disrupt the status quo, and set the bar higher for ourselves and our competitors.”

When Chris is not busy at work, he loves spending time with his wife and 5 children. The family enjoys gardening, raising chickens and bees, as well as exploring the upper Midwest through camping.

Welcome Chris!