Alexander Chemical Announces Plans for New Headquarters

Alexander Chemical makes a special announcement about exciting plans for an upgraded La Porte, Indiana headquarters. The new facility will be a complete reconstruction of the current corporate headquarters. After receiving approval from the La Porte City Council to move forward with plans, construction is estimated to begin in June, 2023.

Alexander Chemical Headquarter Renovation Concept Design

Headquarter Redesign Brings Many Opportunities for Growth

The new reconstruction project includes a $5.6 million investment in real estate and an $850,000 investment in personal property, expanding job opportunities in the area, specifically in sales, leadership, and maintenance positions, including an additional nearly 75 temporary jobs for construction.

Facility Upgrade Plans and Details

Architect Dirk Lohan, known for designing Soldier Field in Chicago, has been hired as the building designer. And plans for the upgraded facility focus on creating a more collaborative, attractive space for company growth and expansion. The redesign will include 18 offices, meeting rooms, a large training room, and file storage.

“We want to build a new headquarters and maintenance facility to improve the site, attract talent and facilitate growth,” said Rob Davidson, President of Alexander Chemical. “The building takes on more of a natural look using sustainable materials. It’s a large wooden structure. The overall design has an open feeling on the inside, allowing for a lot of natural light.”

Other functional upgrades include building a new security building station that will provide the plant with more efficient and secure protection. And a more extensive maintenance facility for the plant and logistics arm, improved parking lots, and new landscaping.

City Council Support the Alexander Chemical Redesign Project

In late March 2022, the La Porte City Council gave Alexander Chemical the green light for its planned redesign. Approving the 10-year tax abatements for Alexander Chemical in a unanimous vote for the Confirmatory ERA (Economic Revitalization Area) Resolution and approval of the Statement of Benefits.

Tony Rodriguez, director of La Porte County Community & Economic Development, describes the project as a representation of the culmination of a significant amount of hard work, which began with a meeting in 2019 with La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership president of Business Services Mike Riehle to address what was, at the time, a significant problem with the facility.

Early discussion led to several critical meetings between the Office of Community and Economic Development, the La Porte County Redevelopment Commission, and the La Porte County Rural Broadband Task Force. These meetings with fiber optic providers have led to the build-out of vital fiber optic data communications for Alexander Chemical.

“Surf Broadband stepped up to the plate with an aggressive fiber optic data communications build that immediately made Alexander Chemical a global competitor,” Rodriguez said.

“Tony and his group were very instrumental in getting high-speed internet out there for us, which is a huge pick-up for us,” Davidson said.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming News!

Updates and exciting news on the Alexander Chemical headquarters redesign will be announced regularly. Stay tuned for special announcements of milestones reached during this exciting time of growth and expansion!